education and consulting


Our Jump-Start program is designed to Introduce potential AirBnB hosts to the basics of short-term rentals, realities of the market place, steps to designing a property, and to help them build a plan to launch their business. Classes start from $125.00 for our 4-week email course. Contact us below to sign up now!

Building a Superhost

The difference between running a successful property, and a property which scrapes by can be very subtle. Learn ways to ensure that you can hold your operation to the highest standard. From improving your listing from the first impression to becoming a professional at crisis management, The Reagan Group has seen it all and is excited to make you the best host you can be. Classes begin at $350 for a 4-week video lesson. Couching is available starting at $125/hr.

Call in the Experts

Have specific challenges which you need help overcoming? Want to give your operation a check-up? The Reagan Group can help you streamline and go to the next level. We love a challenge whether it is dealing with a PR nightmare or building a state-of-the-art inventory tracking system. Discrete and professional consulting gives you access to all of our knowledge and resources. Fees are based upon type and depth of work. Contact us to set up a free consultation.

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