A Note From The Reagan Group: The Inspiration Behind Host Support Services


The following is an excerpt from a sales brochure we published to show off our Host Support Services. After some thought and time to reflect, I realized exactly how important and personal this passage was to me and decided to post it here. I hope you enjoy it and come to understand us a bit more.

By Dan Baker

We here at The Reagan Group love Airbnb and the short-term rental market. We live it, we breathe it, we love it. We truly believe that Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, Uber, Lyft, CoWorking, Kickstarter and so many more of their Sharing Economy relatives are the way of the future. However, these markets are not without their challenges. That is especially true in the short-term rental market. It is certainly easier to create a listing and put a property on the market than it is to maintain superior quality and excellent service for your guests. That is where The Reagan Group wants to help.

Throughout our own journey, we learned the passion which hosts bring to their job. Answering requests, managing the calendar, and responding to questions from guests are all exciting and fun. That is why individuals enter the short-term market and what they want to stay for. Unfortunately, many find that the back side of that job is less attractive.

Finding reliable cleaning staff, creating processes to respond to guests needs,ensuring that sufficient supplies have been purchased, and trying to keep track of it all can be overwhelming and discouraging. Fortunately, that is what The Reagan Group is best at. We aren't a hosting service. In fact, we leave that entirely to you. Instead, we have fun rolling up our sleeves and handling the dirty work. Cleaning, restocking, inspecting, purchasing and accounting are our specialties.

What we have learned is that our passion is getting these tasks out of the way of your passion: hosting. We believe that clients want to do business with the one service that solves their problems rather than the four services that do not. We ARE Airbnb people. We ARE short-term rental experts. We know that what you need goes far beyond the scope of a cleaning service. We designed these systems to optimize our own listings and didn't rest until they were right.

Now, we look to share them with you. We have no doubt in the value we can bring to hosts, because we experience it ourselves. Every idea, system, process and product is first tested on our own property and guests to ensure that it works for our clients.

Where most hosts see a clean house, we see a set of very structured and exact systems and process which ensure quality. It is our constant goal that every aspect of a guest's stay has been thought through and specially designed before they ever arrive. The art of hospitality is not simply to satisfy your guest's needs, but to anticipate those needs before the guest is aware of them. We do not arrive aiming to clean a property. We arrive aiming to prepare it.

When you partner with The Reagan Group your job gets easier. Your listing is clean, your house is stocked with quality products (many from local vendors), your beds are crisply made with fresh linens. Additionally, you know exactly what your costs are, which means you know exactly how well your listing is performing. Good reviews are not an accident. They are on purpose.


Happy Hosting