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The Reagan Group serves Short Term Rental hosts in the greater Jacksonville area. We specialize in cleaning, purchasing, stocking, inventory tracking, linens and keeping you informed. the Reagan Group is a one-stop shop which allows you to do what you do best: host.

We provide Host Support Services in the Jacksonville, Beaches, and Ponte Vedra areas. Our education and advisory services are available to hosts everywhere.


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We support hosts so that they can maximize revenue, improve the quality of their listings and provide their guests with the best possible stay. We believe in the power or information, organization, and technology.


Host Support Services

AirBnB hosts are passionate about what they love to do most: Host. Most aren’t so passionate about all of the support work required to run a truly superior property. As experienced hosts, We know exactly how much more is required than just a cleaning service. Whether you are looking to streamline and expand your personal Airbnb business or need help managing a corporate portfolio, we are ready to help now.

Cleaning, purchasing, stocking, inventory tracking, linens and guest feedback are what we are best at. Please talk to us about how we can help.


Education and consulting

The short term rental market is constantly evolving and changing. While opportunity abounds, resources and education do not. Many investors would like to get a start, but don’t know where to begin. Many hosts wonder if they could be performing at a higher level or wish to expand. From regularly scheduled training to assistance tailored to your situation, The Reagan Group can help.

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Angie Weakland, Operations

Angie handles all daily operations for The Reagan Group. Her rich entrepreneurial background, as well, as her role as the owner of RAPid Housekeeping, allows her to bring order to the complex operation which keeps The Reagan Group moving.

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Dan Baker, Finance and Logistics

Dan handles finances and the web of logistics that keeps the Reagan Group supplied and humming. His focus on acquisitions and inventory control as well as data collection and analysis allow The Reagan Group to operate smarter, faster, and more efficiently.


Emmy Baker, Marketing and Account Management

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Emmy is the outward voice of the Reagan Group, handling outreach, marketing, and digital media. As account manager, she fosters and maintains relationships with our vendors, contractors, and clients.


Reagan, The Dog

Reagan handles snacks and naps on the couch.

Who we are


Hosts want to spend their time doing what they love most: Hosting! The Reagan Group serves the greater Jacksonville area specializing in all the rest: cleaning, purchasing, stocking, inventory tracking, linens and keeping you informed. With Reagan’s Host Support Services, hosts get to let go of the dirty work and grow their business with confidence and efficiency.

In 2018 Angie Weakland purchased a local cleaning company and rebranded it RAPid Housekeeping. After a major overhaul and refocusing, RAPid began to grow and prosper serving the Riverside and Avondale areas. Focusing on providing high quality, professional, and dependable housekeeping services built Angie a reputation which has grown beyond her own advertising efforts.

Angie met Dan in the Spring of 2018 when he reached out for help to support his newly opened Airbnb. Quickly Dan and Angie identified that what was needed was far beyond the skills of a cleaning service. In order to address the problem, they made an exerted and structured effort to build a program for managing all of the tasks and processes required to support a short-term rental with dependability and precision.

Now, Dan and Angie have teamed up to bring this knowledge and experience to the market. Leveraging RAPid Housekeeping’s resources, Dan’s focus on technology and process design, and their combined experience as Airbnb hosts, they sit at the perfect intersection, to serve other hosts. With personal knowledge of what hosts need, resources that can push those hosts to the next level, and knowledge and skills to help each succeed and streamline their operation, The Reagan Group wants to help.


Advisory Committee

The Reagan Group is proud to work with our distinguished advisers. Their rich knowledge and diverse perspective works to constantly challenge us to do more and reach further in our journey to bring value to our clients and customers.

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Chris O’Keefe

Mr. O’Keefe is the founder of the North Raritan Group, a business and real estate consulting firm.

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Chris Pryor, Phd

Dr. Pryor is a professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida


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We're always looking for inspirational individuals to join our team. If you would be interested in working with The Reagan Group, please contact us!